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Frequently Asked Questions About Reverse Phone Trace Services

General Questions

How does the service work, and how is the cell phone data acquired? is an affiliate for an advanced search gateway that can allow access to millions of government documents and public records. This data is organized and collected from more than a hundred different sources. and the providers of its information don't engage in any kind of questionable activities, like pretexting. All records and information are acquired through legal, reputable sources.

Why do a reverse phone number search?

Here are a few reasons you might need to conduct a reverse phone number search:

1. To find out the name or source of prank calls or harrassment.
2. To investigate a number you don't recognize on the call history of someone close to you
3. To research an unknown number that has appeared on your bill
4. To locate a friend from college or high school via their phone number
5. To find the exact address of a personality
6. To identify missed calls that you don't recognize the number foreclosed

Can other people find out that I've searched for them?

Searches in our partner's search system and database are completely confidential. No one you'll be investigating will have the ability to find out that you've searched for them.

Can I get my information taken out of your databases?

Neither we or our service partners directly manage database records. However, it's possible to get your privacy information removed in most cases just by contacting the right government or communications agency.

How do I register for a full membership and full access to the phone number records database?

Just run an initial phone number trace, and follow the registration link that appears in the second step of that search.

Questions Related to Products

What information do you have available in your databases?

Our partner's membership database gateway gives you access to millions of public records and similar kinds of data. These can include:

1. Reverse phone number searches
2. Background information resources and background checks
3. Reverse email and address searches
4. People search resources
5. Records for marriages and divorces
6. Information about registered sex offenders
7. Court records, legal files, and inmate records
8. Birth records, death records, and adoption information
9. Verification of Social Security numbers

Please not that our providers will not distribute or access actual phone records. You cannot access phone bills, call histories, or similar information. If you'd like more information, our full terms of use are available in step two of your search. To begin your reverse phone number trace, just click here!

How many numbers can I find out about?

If you're a member, you'll have unlimited search access.

Can I use this service to find out about international phone numbers?

Unfortunately, the search coverage is restricted to records in the United States

Are there cell phone records included in the membership search database?

You can find information about the location where a number was issued, what carrier it's attached to, and other information for most US numbers. If the issuing company has made details about the owner of the number available, they'll also be accessible. Actual cell phone records are not provided due to obvious privacy restrictions and privacy laws.

Billing and Membership Questions

Are there recurring billing charges for membership?
No - your membership is a one-time fee only.

How can I make sure that my online purchase is secure?
You'll be placing an order for your phone records membership through a company called ClickBank -- a trusted online retailer that exclusively provides digital products. Your ordering information is protected by a 128-bit SSL connection-- the same security used by online banks and financial institutions.

(Note: To verify this, you'll see a "lock" icon in the bottom panel of your browser when you are on the ordering page)

What happens if I can't find any information about the cell phone number?
Our information provider guarantees their results. For more information, read the guarantee policy on the registration page on "step 2" of the reverse phone lookup process.

To begin your cell phone number trace, click here.

What types of payment are accepted?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Bravo, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB. PayPal is also accepted.

What will this transaction show up like on my credit card bill or bank statement?
The charge on your statement will appear as "CLKBANK", as the payment processor is

There will be no indication that you performed a reverse phone search whatsoever on your financial records.

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Important: If this is a life threatening or severe situation, please skip the searches and go straight to your local sheriffs or police office.


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