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How to Trace a Phone Number Using Google

You need to trace a phone number. Where do you start? Try All you do is go to Google, type the phone number - in quotation marks - in the search box, and see if the results page turns up any pages, documents or content that contains the phone number, along with (hopefully) some other important information.

Such as the person's name, address and so on...

Finding info for a regular land line phone number is much easier than a cell phone number. When I say easier, I mean that to find a land line, basically all you have to do is reverse-lookup the number on sites like, and so on.

To locate information on cell phone number, however, you normally have to pay a fee to access a proprietary database of some kind. You can usually find out if the number is active and where it originates from by doing a preliminary search with these companies - but to go further than that a fee is charged.

Using quotation marks at the beginning and the end of the number you are looking for is the way to find that number only. This exact match lookup will only give you results for the number in quotation marks. In some cases when looking up a land line phone number you may get more than one name that corresponds to that number. This may be due to someone having had that number previously.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Google, there are a number of other search options. Go to MySpace and try putting the phone number in the search bar. You can either exact match the number of put it in without the quotation marks. If anyone that has a MySpace account has their phone number within the site, you will get a hit. Although personal information is not supposed to be put on this site, all rules are often overlooked by the userbase. is a site that the general public reports phone numbers to that have called them. If known, it will list who is associated with the number that called. These numbers are a mixture of land line phone numbers and cell phone numbers. is another site that you can go to and search a number hoping to connect it with a name or address (from someone who's posted an ad, resume or some other kind of public notice). If they have posted a number with this site and it is the number you are looking for, it will show up.

Trace a phone number using, which is a unique search engine that scours more than 34,000 forums, message boards and chat groups. Check out the threads for any information the users may have on cell phone numbers and regular numbers. There are any number of options you can use to trace a phone number.

However, even if you exhaust every possible resource - don't be surprised if nothing turns up.

But that's okay - you can still find the information you need...

It will cost a few dollars, but you can instantly conduct a guaranteed, "no-hit no-fee" phone number trace on almost any cell phone or unlisted number by using a reputable reverse phone trace service. The one that's always worked best for us is actually the most affordable as well for the quailty. To start your search with this service - just click here to begin your phone number trace >>

Important: If this is a life threatening or severe situation skip the searches and go straight to your local sheriffs or police office.


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