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Reverse Phone Number Trace Tutorial

If you need to find out who's been calling, or if you're curious as to who's been calling your spouse/significant other (enough said), then here's how to do your own investigation, for free.

Here I will tell you how to go about doing this alternative strategy. The technique does not only work for cell phone tracing but also can be used for landline tracing as well. Calling the number yourself is a sure-fire way to know who has been calling. There are a few ways to go about doing so...


Before we go into further details on how to do this I need to make something perfectly clear. These particular techniques may be unethical or even illegal if done improperly, and in some areas, if even practiced at all.

Furthermore, pretexting (or "pretending to be someone else") in order to obtain personal information is considered a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in most states.

Therefore, by reading the rest of this article you agree that the following is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, and that you, solely, are responsible for any action taken on this following content - as well as the consequences that may follow as a result.

We strongly urge you to consult a licensed attorney specializing in criminal law to review what your rights & allowances are as a citizen in your area regarding the acquisition of another person's information, and the potential method(s) of such an acquisition.

Tactic 1: Pretend You're Trying to Reach Someone Else

When doing a reverse phone number trace, pretend you are trying to reach one of your friends. Call the number and when it is answered ask for Chris. If the person says “Chris who?” say “Chris Smith". If they say “sorry but you have the wrong number” ask who’s number it is that you called. Hopefully, they will not think about it and just disclose their information to you over the phone. When using this method, do not use your home number to call from and do not use a blocked number, the person may not answer their phone. You should call from a public place such as a library, business or hotel.

Tactic 2: Use a Pretext

Most private investigators, police officers and others who would need to pretend to be someone else use this method when reverse tracing cell phone numbers. Therefore, if you need to do a reverse phone number trace call the number and pretend to be from a well-known company or agency. Most people have a car and drive so they will have some form of car insurance. Call and pretend to be from the local insurance agency. Once again, do not use your home number or a blocked number this can prove to them that you are lying. When you call say something like “Hi, this is (name) calling from (name of place), I was calling to verify the name and address we have on file for this phone number. Can you verify your name and address for me please?” With this method, you need to be very careful this can be considered as fraud and this article and our site does not recommend using it - we're simply including it here for educational purposes, because it's one that's used by investigators frequently.

Tactic 3: Just Ask

Yes, I said just call and ask. If you are brave enough to try this, when reverse phone number tracing this is probably, the best out of the three listed and less likely to get you into trouble if caught. You may even get the best results from this tactic.

There you go, some sure fire ways to get the results you need when reverse tracing phone numbers. If you are looking for a more discreet way to find the information you want, use a reverse phone number trace search site. This will cost you a little money but is well worth it. Most of these sites offer a “no hit-no fee,” guarantee.

The company we recommend - and have used with success in the past - is the one that provided the initial search forms for our website. Head on over to the main page to begin your cell phone trace >>

Important: If this is a life threatening or severe situation, please skip the searches and go straight to your local sheriffs or police office.


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